Get on the trail

You like to participate in our project? No problem!

To participate in the network, please complete the following steps:

  1. Please translate the existing bicycle routes of all participant countries in writing in your own mother tongue.
    *Up to your choice, you can contribute by translating some of the trails or only by sending us your trails. If we already have the trails in your mother tongue, there is no need to go through step 1.
    Please use the templates offered down in the download-section as xlsx files.
    These contain the English versions of the texts, which are to be translated. Please note that each xlsx file has several tablesheets.
  2. Record the spoken texts in your mother tongue.
  3. Send us both, written translations and audio recordings, over the Internet. We recommend to use for that.
    Send your Download-links to matthias . hoffmann - at - naos-diez . de
  4. 4. Please create 1-3 own cycling trails with about 3 points of interest/touristic objectives on each.
  5. Send us texts to your sights as well as audio files over the internet too.
    We need these texts in English and in your native language. For sending us the files, we recommend to use
  6. Please send us the appropriate coordinates of the sights and possible rest areas.
    Please note that the coordinates (LAT, LNG) must correspond to the format xx.xxxxxx in order to be sufficiently precise.
    Use the template provided down in the download-section for new trails for steps 4 to 6.
  7. Please create a PDF for each of the three trails in which the texts are in English and two pictures of the sights. To do this, use the template "Trail_pdf.docx".
  8. Make HD videos of your sights. Speak your text in one version in English and in a second version in your native language. Send us the videos on the Internet too. Use for that.